Has the Hidden One come at last?

He can open any lock, any door, and release any shackle.

He can step into the dreams of others.

He can learn the secret Name of the King.

He is the Bellringer.

And he will become King.

He just doesn't want to...

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The Year of the Red Door

244 Days Remain.
That is all.

The Year of the Red Door has begun, and four months have already passed by.

This is the story of the final days of the Second Age.

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The Bellringer ISBN: 978-1-944320-35-5              The Nature of a Curse ISBN: 978-1-944320-36-2              A Distant Light ISBN 978-1-944320-37-9              The Dreamwalker ISBN: 978-1-944320-38-6              To Touch a Dream ISBN: 978-1-944320-39-3             

Eighteen Objects of Power ISBN: 978-1-944320-15-7              The Fall of the Faere and Other Stories ISBN: 978-1-944320-50-8

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491 First Age:
The Dragonkind discover a potential cure for the desert sickness.

948 First Age:
Lucinda is lost at sea.

980 First Age:
Queen Therona commits suicide.

1156 First Age:
The Purge of Scholars from Vanara.

1260 First Age:
Katrina's House of Fairmaple has disappeared.

322 Second Age:
Dragonkind Invade the Eastlands.

362 Second Age:
Inrick dies; Thalamir Abdicates.

499 Second Age:
The Queen of Vanara seeks to blunt Duinnor's growing power over her realm.

786 Second Age:
Siege at Khanhar Pass.

856 Second Age:
Naval Battle at Grisland Strait.

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